Poetry Tutorial

Writing poetry for me an intuitive matter. My poems are about secrets rarely verbalized. I do not deal with facts but the space between them. Poetry is cryptic. It sets up a puzzle. The solution cannot be found logically but must be divined. My advice: Trash your concrete-sequential tendencies. Swim with it and let the current take you for the ride of your life. When you emerge, you will find yourself refreshed beyond words.

One resource for poetry is my writing group This group follows a specific order:

  1. We contribute prompts to a pool from which we take turns choosing. We write them on the blank side of business cards and fold them over.
  2. We never know what subject we will write about next until it is announced. That way we can draw from our mind/heart and put the words directly onto the paper. No editing allowed. It is a free-fall of words.
  3. Afterwards we go around the table, reading our entries. The person who picked the prompt goes first. We listen to each and note thought-provoking words, phrases or sections. Notice I didn’t use the words good or bad. This is not a critique session.

Then we take our personal paths home. It may stop there with some but I transcribe my terrible handwriting to the computer and thus my ideas for poems are born.

Travel also added flavors to my writing. I wrote a poem about Burma then composed a visual art from it. The poems also can emerge an established work of art.