More Mosaics

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Please Note: The descriptions below are only suggestions for the viewer’s interpretive stories. Where I leave off, the viewer begins to create his or her own story.

Pets for Sale

Pets for Sale. A Vietnamese woman pauses beneath the quintessential transport pole, a basket on either end filled with animals. $500+shipping

Pass by the Wall

Pass by the Wall. A mural of a country scene in Viet Nam stands perpendicular to a shop selling gowns. $500+shipping

The Politicians

The Politicians. It is a commentary on race. A dark Indian man looks skeptically at a board of candidates who are past American candidates whose faces are painted to look dark. At the top, you might notice, is Richard Nixon. $500+shipping

Laotian Flower Dance

Laotian Flower Dance. A Laotian woman tosses chrysanthemums over a passerby’s head at the market. $350+shipping

Boat Emerging From Jungle

Boat Emerging from Jungle. A woman has rowed her boat along one of the Mekong Delta’s many streams. $350+shipping

The Street of People and Signs

The Street of People and Signs. 14×10 inches. In this street action in Kerala, India, the viewer must figure out which characters are real and which are part of the ubiquitous political signs. $500+shipping

To Become Another

To Become Another. 17×13 inches. Inspired by a crowd in a Jaipur, India street market, it reflects shifting perspectives and mysterious movements of the imagination. $500+shipping


Dolly land. 12×14 inches. Representing one part of a foreign doll collection, this one is lifting off on a trip to her native Mumbai, then Bombay, India. $500+shipping

Stage in the Basement

Stage in the Basement. 14×13 inches. The little Hmong girl climbs a tree in Laos to seek her own adventure. $1000+shipping


Guatemala. 9×7 inches. A country woman peeks through a mask, showing the duplicity of politics at the time. $500+shipping

Mystery of Painted Walls

Mystery of Painted Walls. 12×10 inches. A proper Muslim couple passes a matching red wall connecting them with their environment while a standout blonde from the west approaches them. $500+shipping

Making a Mosaic

Making a Mosaic. 15×24 inches. Indian women facing every which way bring a variety of realities as well as directions to the viewer. $750+shipping

The Mighty Id

The Mighty Id. 14×9 inches. Imagination on a rampage sends one out of this world. $500+shipping


Tribute.  $16×15 inches. A Montengard family in a Vietnamese village watches while the woman shows a visitor her homemade quilt. $750+shipping


Cycle. 27×21 inches. Done after the poem Cycle, this illustrates a direct quote: “a monk walking across a splash on sunlight acquires a halo and lo the multitudes of Buddhas nod in approval.” $1000+shipping

Along the Mekong

Along the Mekong.12×14 inches. Done before the poem, it shows a woman planter out in the fields under changing weather patterns, specifically in the lines “under the cloud a frigid sun and troubled torrents of air will creep up and grip them.” $500+shipping

The Unexplored

The Unexplored. 13×10 inches. Taken from a night market in Nha Trong, Vietnam, this presents a scene that is nearly cubist in nature due to the mirrors scattered about the place. $500+shipping

Painting with Hannah

Painting with Hannah. 9×12 inches. My visually gifted granddaughter and I share precious time painting together. $500+shipping

~~~~~  To purchase, please contact Linda via the email Contact Form.  ~~~~~

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