Comes the Nat


A Nat appears unexpectedly and stir the women from their wares as the women seek ways to placate the spirit.

Comes the Nat

What is more silent than gossamer,
shreds of silky neon descending
then landing toe first to absorb a thump?

The softness of her offers no shock
and yet the marketplace runs amok with
emotion and chaos permeates the scene.

This force unseen but not unacknowledged
she inspires screams that travel
though the canopied space

even though she illuminates that dank place,
stinking from peels of rotten fruit and
fish bones flattened by customers’ heels.

Why, when her presence should comfort them,
do they greet her like a dreaded guest? It’s
because they must placate her since

rebounding from a violent death,
she imposes herself upon the village
expecting them to appease her

and, yes. even comfort her.
this damaged being, before she leaves and
allows peace to envelop them again.