Burma’s Finest Feminist

The Fervent Ones

A set of young monks gaze upward at a presence unseen while the set of nuns strut away from the scene.

Burma’s Finest Feminist

in the land of rubies and jade
buddha strives towards androgyny
and descends into
the exquisite center of sexuality

in no other country
is he expected to tantalize
and simultaneously awe
his bodhisattvas

Japan’s man, for instance
a placed figure squatting
plain as a puritan
keeping his heart locked

in Burma though
they give him a makeover
they hover near his shoulder then
assess their artistry

wreathed in a velvet cloak
a scarf surrounds his neck
his face, blissfully calm,
painted with cosmetics

when finished the toilette
he unlocks his feminine soul
and opens his painted lips
for an enigmatic smile