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Contemplating Your Clothesline

A resident of Inle Lake pauses in the midst of hanging laundry to dry to take pleasure in a rare breeze.

breaking news on inle

the skiff cuts across Lake Inle
destined for the present its rider
yearning for the here and now to be sated
by cooperating with eyes, heart and mind
for a carpe diem moment

Shan State, Burma
now embraces all consciousness

in a huge but shallow lake
where people live in houses on stilts,
a village of leggy giants wading in the water
where they anchor their floating gardens
with huge toothpicks
of bamboo
boats race on the liquid highway
on their way to somewhere
leaving misty haloes in their wake

now the sky weary
from the weight of humidity
flashes impatient lightening
drums up thunder
and releases its water
we flow through the sheets of tropical rain
then we dry momentarily
in a beaming sun